What would it be like to communicate in a universal written language or code?
Cantata is a collection of four short stories, one of which I authored, which I designed and created into a perfect bound book. The stories explore the concept of a universal written language. Each author developed an abstract typeface of a global written code inspired by his or her short story. What does the language look like in context? Is this written language primitive images or an advanced alphabet?
My story, called "Once Blind," is an abstraction of the idea of a universal language. The Language became an actual living being that would communicate to people through motion and visions plain for the eye to see. Some people could see The Language; they are called the Beholders; others could not see, and they are called the Absents. 
I developed a typographic style for The Language based on a pattern of vertical linear lines. Different meanings are signified by disruptions and bulges within the pattern. It is fluid like the wind and freely chooses to whom it speaks.
Transparent pages were used for divider pages between each story.
Illustration of The Language in the context of the environment.

Divider page for the last story in Cantata.

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