What it is: Art2Wear is the largest University runway show in the country featuring designers from the College of Design at North Carolina State University. It challenges the audience and designers to question the boundaries and conventional definitions of “fashion.” It seeks to explore new fashion ground and create new design pathways by encouraging students to blend their technical skill with innovative technology.
What I did: I directed A2W 2016 and was responsible for the creative direction and logistical direction of the show. I organized and directed a team of 50 people, including industry professionals and vendors. I had the great pleasure of working with Justin LeBlanc, the faculty advisor for A2W and Project Runway contestant. The theme of A2W 2016 was the "Virtue of Obsession."
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Short documentary by the university newspaper, The Technician, about A2W 2016. Read the article HERE.
I, along with Justin LeBlanc and one of the designers, Bailey Knight, was featured on local TV WCNC. Read the article HERE.
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“Design takes dedication and persistence, and from there the concept of obsession was born,” says Anahid Telfeyan, student director of this year’s show. “We added the ‘Virtue of’ because obsession can have a negative connotation, and the obsession that we are communicating is just teetering on the edge of diligent passion and mental instability. We design because we are obsessed with creating. We design because we are obsessed with an idea. Obsession drives, intimidates and inspires.”

“The precedent has been set for the show, and people expect a certain level of professionalism. ..." says Telfeyan. “For this year, I wanted to address aspects of art and design outside of wearable material and have more student involvement. There will be concepts of visual art and performance art combined into an immersive experience for the audience. Every major from design school is involved in our student exhibition, including architecture, industrial design, graphic design and design studies.”
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